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After the founding of the MOBIL A.R.T. Office Furniture Ltd in 1994, the company  places an outstanding emphasis on the full, professional service of its customer.

With the services provided for the products it distributes, we support the realization of the unique needs and ideas of our customers with the expertise of our employees. Thanks to the elements of our carefully selected product range, the price-value ratio and the high quality category, we can provide all our customers with a solution in the design of innovative spaces.


Our company also plays a decisive role in the field of interior design in the domestic market, our wide-ranging references can be found on the domestic and international level.


According to our basic philosophy, we manage the full range of services related to our field with our outstanding customer-centric approach, we manage our work from planning to turnkey delivery.

As a result, we have enriched our portfolios with a number of outstanding references in recent decades.


Among our partners we know a significant part of the country's leading Hungarian and multinational companies and prominent players in the banking sector. At the same time, we excelled in the design of the interiors of small and medium-sized companies, so our partnerships, which date back decades, were formed.

In our showroom, we welcome our existing and future customers under representative conditions.

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